Practice Yoga for Yoga Teacher Training

yoga teacher training

The “Goal” of Yoga: 

The “goal” of yoga is to align to the universal consciousness in order to experience joy, freedom, and the stillness of full consciousness. Alignment is related to mind and body and refers to how various parts of us are integrated and interconnected. The world is what think and believe it to be. It is subjective in essence – a projection of what we feel it is, based on past experiences and conditions. What we see in others is what we have inside, like a mirror that is only projecting what is inside. We have the potential, using conscious intentions, thoughts, and words, to co-create the life we want, to go beyond our limitations and fears, to surrender and open, to choose the type of person we want to be, to flow with the divine grace, to see the beauty in and all around us. 

Our Spiritual Identity: 

The practice of yoga is based on the idea that we are eternal spiritual souls or atman, traveling within the vessel of this physical/emotional body. The physical body is considered the temple of the soul, an instrument through which we can access the internal divinity, our true self, and to align, connect and serve the divine wisdom. As for manifestations of the supreme divine consciousness in the material universe, we have the opportunity to awaken to our true nature of sat chit ananda – being consciousness bliss, through the main practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, and chanting. Yoga asana, the physical postures or exercises that have come to be known as Yoga are really only the most superficial aspect of this profound science. 

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