Ikai Yoga Teacher Training Center in Rishikesh

This retreat is for you! Throughout your time here, we invite you into a spirit of openness and playfulness as you explore and discover your personal edge. Most importantly, we invite you to cultivate presence, curiosity, inquiry, consciousness, and mindfulness in your actions and really honor and listen to your body and mind. 

Willingness – Transformation is a reflection of our willingness to connect, to let go, to aspire to realize ourselves. In other words, you get out what you put in. Use this as an opportunity to go deeply into self-reflection so that you can empower yourself to recognize and begin shifting patterns that no longer serve and integrating ones that do.

Beginners Mind – According to Zen Buddhism, when our rice bowl is full, so to speak, there is no room for more. Thus in order to stay open and keep learning, we must continually empty our bowls, so to speak. Throughout your time here, we invite you to meet each moment with a child-like sense of awe and wonder, in a spirit of openness, curiosity, and playfulness as we explore and discover our personal patterns and edges.

Mindfulness – We invite you to be conscious and mindful in your actions, taking advantage of this time to really honor and listen to your body’s messages, using this as an opportunity to be mindful and discerning of the food and substances you consume, remembering that attitudes and behaviors‘ off the mat’ are just as important, as those on ‘on the mat’. Saucha & Ahimsa – Cleanliness & Non-Violence – A vegetarian diet is recommended, as well as avoiding drugs and alcohol for the duration of the retreat. 

Sangha – We are a community of seekers on this journey towards knowing ourselves more. Throughout this process, it is normal to feel expansions and contractions in the body, mind, and heart and we are all here to support each other and cultivate a safe place to release, experience, and simply be. 

Punctuality – As a gesture of respect for the group, please ensure that you arrive a minimum of 5 minutes early to each class to ensure a prompt start. Attendance – We are on a progressive journey together and all of us matter and affect each other. Please be mindful. If you have to miss a class, please let us know so that we are not left waiting or wondering – you can tell your teacher or let your karma-yogi partner know. 

Yoga Shala – Please make yourselves at home. Take the initiative to care for space, helping to maintain the cleanliness and clear flow of energy within the space. Please keep all doors to the bathrooms, yoga shala and closet closed at all times. 

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